Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Liquidity - Note (Details)

Liquidity - Note (Details) - Promissory Note 9% Redeemable [Member] - Subsequent Event [Member]
Nov. 04, 2022
USD ($)
Debt Instrument [Line Items]  
Debt Instrument, Interest Rate, Stated Percentage 9.00%
Debt Instrument, Face Amount $ 11,020,000
Debt Instrument, Term 18 months
Debt discount $ 1,000,000
Proceeds from Issuance of Unsecured Debt $ 10,000,000
Debt Instrument, Redemption Price, Percentage 110.00%
Debt Instrument, Periodic Payment $ 1,000,000
Period, in months, after issuance at which note may be prepaid | item 6
Debt Conversion, Share Price Multiplier Percentage 85.00%
Debt Conversion, Number of Lowest Daily Share Prices Averaged | item 2
Number of trading days | D 10
Debt Accelerated Redemption, Volume Trading Threshold, As Percentage That Actual Exceeds Median 50.00%
Debt Accelerated Redemption, Stock Price Threshold, As Percentage That Actual Exceeds Minimum 30.00%
Debt Accelerated Redemption, Multiplier For Monthly Redemption Amount | item 2